Monday, March 19, 2012

Because my home services SUCKS

And I want to show that I haven't been slacking off as much as it appears to be....

Has being sideways STUCK to me or has it been a waste of my time? These seem to be the questions thrown at me and thus, I MUST give my HONEST thoughts!

And well...

The class has been interesting, that's for sure but as far as the list goes;

*What are 3 things you remember from this class thus far?

I will admit that I like the interaction as well as the exchanges held here in class. This seems to be a class where one of the important goals is to get to know each other better as well as ourselves. Its the sort of thing that a lot of classes ATTEMPT to do but in the end, wind up being too shmaltzy or just plain talk down to the students. I really don't get a feeling like that here; things are just enjoyable, even if we have to watch things I don't always agree with.

*How has your experience in this class been different from your experiences in other classes? If it has not been different, explain what is similar to your other classes.

There isn't that entire 'odd fish out' experience that I have gotten from other classes, ESPECIALLY ONE WHICH AT THIS TIME WILL REMAIN NAMELESS (don't worry, it has nothing to do with IT or music so those classes are safe...)  Even if the class is filled with different people, there is a sense of belonging and our different experiences actually bring us together rather than isolate us....this is complete 180o compared to another class which the more I go to, the more isolated I feel and it depresses me, mainly because there really is no reason I should feel that way. That class has the same 'sharing' concept as this in a way but at the same time, when we share in THAT class, it just leads to people showing how closeted they are as well clueless about the experiences of others. I know I shouldn't expect people to know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE but really, I have to draw the line somewhere and my line has been crossed like....three times thanks to that class.

Here, I guess our creativity is what bounds a lot of people together and even if you come from a different background, we are able to find similarities in ourselves. All in all, its just a better experience and I don't feel like I'm alone or weird unlike said OTHER class. Maybe its because that class IS isolated in a way sadly but whatever the reason, I just feel I get way more out of this when it comes to interaction with others.

*What would you like to get from the rest of this class?

An idea on where to go since graduation is coming up for me next year. I want to take away a sense of self-courage for one thing and this class does help bring that out a little but perhaps I'm expecting too much? I don't know, but I just want a feeling that I'm doing something right for a change.

And there you have it ladies and gents; Seeing Sideways from my view in a nutshell.

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