Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trade Secrets....

Because I didn't think either of these things were good enough, so I decided to upload BOTH.

For the first secret...did I even spell that right? I'm so freaking tired I can barely concentrate on one thing...we have this confession of HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIR. If there is one style that I have been bombarded with over the past few weeks...months...days...its THIS. I don't even know if this crap has a specific name or whatever but damn it...I love it, I want it, but I can't have it for...VARIOUS reasons, reasons that shall remane with me since they are a little too personal but yes....I wish I had a hair cut like this.

Also, why YEEEES there is a picture of a humanized Rainbowdash in this picture somewhere. I've been seeing people draw her with the EXACT same style that I want that its been driving me insane. Furgh, maybe this should be a finals present to myself but at this point...I don't know.

And now for the second secret....I CAN NOT SPELL!

No, that's not it. Its THIS;
Why can't I just fucking go here? Its not even THAT far from Indy but no. Every time I get a chance to go there, something comes up to rip that chance away from me and, as expected, I HAAAAAAAAAAAATE it. HATE it SOOOOO much. I want to go to New York City to badly that I often worry that if I ever do get a chance to go, it will be too late or some other bullshit. The project I am working on for Capstone is SET in New York City and I can't even go. How fucking sad is that? Its gotten to a point where I would possibly allow myself to be thrown in a duffle bag and sit in a van and endure the trip up there just to see the sights. THAT'S how DESPERATE I am to at least get away and go somewhere I want to go to so badly. see something new.

So yes, New York and new hair...I think this is pretty small compared to what a lot of people might share. :I

Friday, April 27, 2012

Garbage in, Garbage Out

So we had to bring in some trash to class and see if we could make art from it. Sound easy enough....or is it?

Well, let's just say that everything began NORMAL.

So after we were out into groups, we had to decide what to do with our trash. For the most part, we chose things that looked cool; an old pot, a pizza book, some old computer parts and so on. With THESE things, we were supposed to come up with something unique and new, much like how trash was turned into art in the film that we saw.

So...what can we do with said parts?


1. Mercilessly destroy the keyboard! (hardcore guitar riff in the background)
I mean, take the thing and just break it like there is no tomorrow. If there were such a thing as PETE (People for the Ethical Treatment of Electronics) they would have been on our asses in a second. Keys were flying everywhere, the entire thing cracked. By the time it was over and everyone had more or less stripped the entire thing, you would have gone' Keyboard? This was a keyboard?'

2. Take said parts from the broken keyboard and then try to put them back together.
Eh...yeah, this didn't work so well.

3. Construct a modem from a pizza box.
Remember back in the day when laptops were HUGE. What the fuck am I talking about, they're STILL huge. Bad example but imagine a keyboard the SIZE of a pizza box...and it could do EVERYTHING that even the most powerful computers on this planet could do and MORE!

Wait, why am I getting your hopes up? That could NEVER happen....

3. Need a screen? USE A LISENCE PLATE!
Now in 3,000 colors and a cool HOLOGRAPHIC image when you move your head back and forth!

4. A cardboard box from a generic brand of cereal makes for a wonderful earth-friendly monitor!
Except when that earth-friendly stuff doesn't fit into the damn computer. Um, how is a laptop supposed to work when the screen is smaller than the keypad? Um...hello? Anyone?

Add this together and you get one...weird looking device...or something.


Getting all the randomness out of the way, there was a lesson in this and that was working on your toes. We were given all this trash but no real clue as to what to do with it. In life and in your career, you meet head on into things like this sometimes where the only thing you have IS your wits as well as your imagination.

For the last portion of my KIB project with Team Building I felt this way; so I have to make a poster....but I have no real idea HOW to. I think I suck at anything that's related to Adobe but I KNOW I have to use it. Its what my degree is going for and damn it, even if Adobe crashes every time my fingers go within an inch of the mouse, I couldn't let it beat me! So I took the info I was thrown, came up with some ideas...and with some help from Beth and my team members, I was able to create something from nothing and/or tidbits of stuff.

And this was the final result.

So if there is anything I picked up from the trash lesson, its can create things out of random stuff, even if you think its useless. Granted, that stuff you make might not be able to FUNCTION perfectly, but you CAN make something.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Extra Credit

By this point, I am EXHAUSTED. I am so tired of...EVERYTHING that I seriously don't know if I can last three more weeks...but I have to.

Anyway, my role in this newest project is to come up with a traditional media poster for our KIB project. I had some ideas....but they're just not getting there. I know this is supposed to be a mock up before the final draft but god damn does it suck, if only because I'm trying despertly not to do a flat vector for the poster. I wanted to do something more welcoming, soft, and earthy but the end results....just weren't that great. I did some pen experiments for the path and the hills but other than that, I can't get anything, if only because I can't think of anything cool to do with the PATH theme we're working with here.

Here's my attempt to get PAINTERLY with photoshop...and it sucks;

Like I said, it looks like crap and I'm going to try it again before I pass out...again...and again...and again.

Crap, I can't get this to work.

Monday, April 9, 2012

And finally, a real conclusion...

So its been two weeks since I posted my fear assignment when I realised that I could have used something but....but then I realized that would have been WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too personal to share so in the end I am glad I did the entire 'I'm scared of posting this review thing!' idea I had.

Just to let you know, someone commented on it...but it was the only comment on. Nonetheless, there was some disccusion, yada-yada, but we did concluded that entire 'guy gets his head cut off on a roller coaster' thing was the most fucked up and BEST way to get readers into your series.

Too bad its been like....12 YEARS since that and the series is still going on. No shit, I have 40 VOLUMES of this crap in my room right now and the REAL number is 60. I am BEGGING that this man ends this crap because I can't take it anymore! ;3;

But anyway, there is still three final things to do to conclude this project and that is...ANSWERING MORE QUESTIONS! OF COURSE!

Discuss the experience/presentation from class which you responded to most strongly, be it yours or someone else's. 

  1.    What was it and who did it?
Drawing on a person of course! Okay, this is horrible on my part but I felt that of all the presontations that I saw, this really was the one I responded to the most, if only to draw stupid crap on this poor girl. Okay, it wasn't stupid but let's say she had some guts to allow someone to draw on her.

Wait, not someONE. EVERYONE.

I don't know but there just has to be something said about a fear presentation in which someone actually allows others to WRITE ON THEM.

    2.    Why did you respond to it so strongly?
As I explained, mostly because of how we were given PERMISSION to basically make a human sketch pad and encouraged to do so. Also, I just wanted to see if I could make something that looked cute as well.

    3.    How does it impact how you see your own project?
Well, it made me realize that I could have done something other than a text project when I'm sure no one even read (yeah, Goggle alerts me to that so I know people haven't been paying attention to this shit.) All in all, though my project was different there was that same sense of getting your fears out of the way and seeing that it isn't as bad as you think. Granted, I only had to read something in front of people, not have others draw on me.

Pfft, I think my fear project was small potatoes compared to others but considering I lead an almost brain-numbingly uneventful life, it makes sense that my fear is stupid anyway.

I have to say that another fear I had is over though and that was the fear of not being able to complete this assignment. 


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Detective Conan-Cute Drawings, Ugly Murders

The following is my experiment for my fear project, in this case to see whether or not my fear of not being able to write ANYTHING that interest people is just a bunch of bullshit that I have swimming in my mind for no reason. I know that out of everyone in the class, Beth might be the only person to read this but for those who do have a Blogstop account, PLEASE, PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE read this and comment. I know I sound like I am begging now but this is something I really want to see if people actually find interesting in the end.

So without further or do, here is the review;


    I have a little riddle for you guy. What would you get if you took Sherlock Holmes, regressed his age to that of a six year old, and then put him in a situation where he couldn’t tell the woman he loved how he really was out of fear of getting her and her family killed?

Why you would get Detective Conan of course!

     For those who have never heard of this series, Detective Conan (Or as we here on the US side know it as Cased Closed) is a funny little manga; it’s the type of series that while it is widely known and popular in Japan, its popularity here in the US might not be as strong. Granted, there are people who have heard of this series but Conan just doesn’t seem to get as much love here as other VIZ titles. Everyone has seen Naurto, Luffy, and Ichigo but Conan….the poor li'l guy doesn’t seem to get any love.

     Detective Conan (known by its Japanese title of Meitantei Conan) was first published by Gosho Aoyama in 1994 and since then, the fame of Conan continues to grow. So far, this series has spawned sixteen movies, twenty-one seasons of its animated series, and its volume count has reached seventy-five (with the US publication only up to forty-one) You might be asking yourself right now, ‘Okay, if the series has lasted THIS long, what in the world is it about?’ Well, have a seat and I will tell you.

     Detective Conan is the tale of teen sleuth Shinichi Kudo (Jimmy Kudo in the English publication) who, for all his knowledge and skill, winds up getting himself in trouble when his hunger for mystery gets the better of him. After solving a crime of a man who was murdered at an amusement park, Shinichi decides to follow two shadowy figures in black whom, despite not being the culprits in the amusement park murder, still acted a bit odd to him. Little did he realize that in his actions of following them he would wind up being attacked by them and fed a mysterious poison. The Men in Black leave Shinichi to die but unknown to them, Shinichi has not died….but instead he has regressed in age back to his six year old self!

     Apparently, being a child in this world sucks since no one believe little Shinichi’s story, despite all the evidence on him that shows he’s been horribly attacked but hey! Little kids always lie! He’s just LOST! He hasn’t been attacked at ALL, even if he has this huge gash on the back of his head and a possible concussion! It’s all just a fib from the overactive mind of a child! It’s FUNNY! Finding no help in the police, Shinichi runs back to his home where he finds the aid in his family friend Dr. Hiroshi Agasa (Hershel Agasa in the English dub) who tells Shinichi that due to the danger he has put himself in, it might be better to play along with everyone and pretend that he is in fact dead and take on a new moniker but what?

Gee, I wonder if his vast collection of books by SIR AUTHOR CONAN DOYLE and EDOGAWA RAMPO will play any part in this?

Shinichi takes the on the identity of Conan Edogawa just as his girlfriend Ran Mori (Rachel Moore in the English dub. Are you sensing a pattern here?) appears but unable to tell her the truth, Conan is now forced to play the part a child just as Dr. Agasa suggest that Conan live with Ran and her father, a bumbling PI by the name of Kogoro Mori (Richard Moore). Needless to say, with Conan around, business begins to pick up, no thanks to Conan using his gadgets (thanks in part to the work of our friendly, neighborhood Doc Agasa) to knock Kogoro out and use his voice to make it sound like he solved the crimes….

And you take this concept, and then repeat.

Sounds repetitive?

Well, yeah, I will admit that it is but the thing that will keep you coming back is just how twisted the cases can be. Right from the very start, the series jumps on a grisly case as the amusement park case involves a man getting DECAPITATED on the ride and it only gets bloodier from there. Needless to say, Detective Conan isn’t as ‘kiddy’ as its protagonist makes it out to be. If you’re not comfortable with bloody murders and a body count that continues to grow with each case, this is not the series for you but if you enjoy a series that pokes fun at many elements in the Sherlock Holmes series (as well as other famous detectives series from around the world) as well as adds intrigue to its own world, this is the series for you. As stated, you might bore of how repetitive some of the cases, especially those outside of the Black Organization, might get but there is something about how the cases start that keep you interested. Even if at first you might think ‘Aw come on! I’ve seen something like this before!’ you can’t stop reading; you’re so hooked that you HAVE to find out how the cases is resolved and the pay of is more often than not exciting and even on the lowest tier, silly that something like that could even be possible.

This is a series that definitely deserves much more loving, especially here in the US. Sure, Shinichi isn’t hurting for fame in his home country of Japan but the poor boy doesn’t seem to be getting the love he should here stateside, especially when you consider some of the cases that he and his friends find themselves in. This series isn’t about pirates with magical powers, ninjas with demons sealed inside of them, or even about kids using super-power skates to do things that would land normal people in ICU. This is just a story of a kid who finds himself being turned into an even younger kid and going through a lot of violent stuff, especially for a series that is drawn to look so harmless and comical.

All in all, this is definitely worth checking out. If anything, you could always play a drinking game of ‘Take a drink at the number of cases that involve people being killed with cyanide!’

For those who want to check out the series in manga form, hit .

For those who are interested to watch the anime series and its many movies, head down to where you watch clips of the show and can even purchase season sets.

What Scares Me the Most?

Having to play Action 52 for the rest of my life....

No, of course not.

Here is the situation set before me; what is the thing that I fear the most? Well, in truth there are many things that I fear and trying to squash them into one journal entry would be....INSANE. So how do I combat that? Why by picking one of the most easiest of fears that I have, something I would like to call...


Wait, why is the title so long?

In truth, I was a llittle unsure about what to do for this project, especially when it came to a PHYSICAL artificat. I really didn't know what to create or to present since, well, what can I really create (aside from artwork of course) that FULLY explains how I feel about something like this? My fear, when it comes down to is, is the basic feeling of not being able to live up to a promise that I might have made or been assigned to that is linked to more people. This is something I always feel when assigned to groups for projects; am I pulling my weight and even if I turn things in, do the others think that its good enough?

How can I experiment with something like this, especially since a more important project that I had has been completed and is now in the process of being graded. I wasn't thinking at the time but I could have used that as an example for my experiment....

But then opportunity has come again.

I think this will probally be the most....OBSCURE of my experiments/creation for this class in terms of an assigment. We were asked to come up with an idea to explore are fear and basiclly how to overcome it but what can I use now? Thankfullly, I know have something.

This SAturday, I was hired to take part in the programming and planning of AnimeWorld Expo, a convention that is coming here to the Circle City in July and as such, I have been given a few assignments but once those assignments were laid to me (or better yet, once I began to think of those assignments after I had said yes to them) I began to have that old feeling of failure already, only because I was worried that my experience as compared to some of the others, many who have been working with the expo longer than I have, wouldn't match up. So what could I do?

WORK for one thing but how could I work? Will I just go with the flow or will I add in my own spice?

Well, for the sake of experiencing more with the expo and for the sake of seeing if my writing is all up to snuff, I will do for my experiment....a review.

Wait, a review?

Yes, I am going to let the entire class read and critique one of the assignments/reviews I have to do for the expo. By the time all of this is over, I have no idea how many will be under my belt but for my experiment, I want to see if my fear of not being able to pull my weight as well as my fear of not being COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL enough when it comes to getting people interested in stuff is all in my head.

Considering this will be a review, I will have to post this journal in two parts; the first being this journal with my plans (which I have already laid out), the second being the journal with the actual review on it, and the third with my conclusion. HOPEFULLY, people will read it (or should I just print it out?) and my point will be driven home, but for now, theses are the results that I am looking for;

1. The reader is informed on the series that I am reviewing.
2. The reader is ENTERTAINED by the review I have given them.
3. The reader is interested in reading, watching, and purchasing the series as well as all merchandise tied to it.
4. The reader actually READ what I had to write in the first place and doesn't just ignore it.


My hypothesis is rather unclear at this time but if I were to guess ANYTHING, its that people will comment on whether or not they found what I did informative or not and they were interested not only in the article and the series but also going to the expo as well.

These are things I hope I can get through with an experiment like this and if I can do this.....hell, maybe I can try the same thing with some of my other writing that no one seems to give a shit about. :|

Get ready for part two because here it comes....

Monday, March 19, 2012

Because my home services SUCKS

And I want to show that I haven't been slacking off as much as it appears to be....

Has being sideways STUCK to me or has it been a waste of my time? These seem to be the questions thrown at me and thus, I MUST give my HONEST thoughts!

And well...

The class has been interesting, that's for sure but as far as the list goes;

*What are 3 things you remember from this class thus far?

I will admit that I like the interaction as well as the exchanges held here in class. This seems to be a class where one of the important goals is to get to know each other better as well as ourselves. Its the sort of thing that a lot of classes ATTEMPT to do but in the end, wind up being too shmaltzy or just plain talk down to the students. I really don't get a feeling like that here; things are just enjoyable, even if we have to watch things I don't always agree with.

*How has your experience in this class been different from your experiences in other classes? If it has not been different, explain what is similar to your other classes.

There isn't that entire 'odd fish out' experience that I have gotten from other classes, ESPECIALLY ONE WHICH AT THIS TIME WILL REMAIN NAMELESS (don't worry, it has nothing to do with IT or music so those classes are safe...)  Even if the class is filled with different people, there is a sense of belonging and our different experiences actually bring us together rather than isolate us....this is complete 180o compared to another class which the more I go to, the more isolated I feel and it depresses me, mainly because there really is no reason I should feel that way. That class has the same 'sharing' concept as this in a way but at the same time, when we share in THAT class, it just leads to people showing how closeted they are as well clueless about the experiences of others. I know I shouldn't expect people to know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE but really, I have to draw the line somewhere and my line has been crossed like....three times thanks to that class.

Here, I guess our creativity is what bounds a lot of people together and even if you come from a different background, we are able to find similarities in ourselves. All in all, its just a better experience and I don't feel like I'm alone or weird unlike said OTHER class. Maybe its because that class IS isolated in a way sadly but whatever the reason, I just feel I get way more out of this when it comes to interaction with others.

*What would you like to get from the rest of this class?

An idea on where to go since graduation is coming up for me next year. I want to take away a sense of self-courage for one thing and this class does help bring that out a little but perhaps I'm expecting too much? I don't know, but I just want a feeling that I'm doing something right for a change.

And there you have it ladies and gents; Seeing Sideways from my view in a nutshell.