Sunday, March 25, 2012

What Scares Me the Most?

Having to play Action 52 for the rest of my life....

No, of course not.

Here is the situation set before me; what is the thing that I fear the most? Well, in truth there are many things that I fear and trying to squash them into one journal entry would be....INSANE. So how do I combat that? Why by picking one of the most easiest of fears that I have, something I would like to call...


Wait, why is the title so long?

In truth, I was a llittle unsure about what to do for this project, especially when it came to a PHYSICAL artificat. I really didn't know what to create or to present since, well, what can I really create (aside from artwork of course) that FULLY explains how I feel about something like this? My fear, when it comes down to is, is the basic feeling of not being able to live up to a promise that I might have made or been assigned to that is linked to more people. This is something I always feel when assigned to groups for projects; am I pulling my weight and even if I turn things in, do the others think that its good enough?

How can I experiment with something like this, especially since a more important project that I had has been completed and is now in the process of being graded. I wasn't thinking at the time but I could have used that as an example for my experiment....

But then opportunity has come again.

I think this will probally be the most....OBSCURE of my experiments/creation for this class in terms of an assigment. We were asked to come up with an idea to explore are fear and basiclly how to overcome it but what can I use now? Thankfullly, I know have something.

This SAturday, I was hired to take part in the programming and planning of AnimeWorld Expo, a convention that is coming here to the Circle City in July and as such, I have been given a few assignments but once those assignments were laid to me (or better yet, once I began to think of those assignments after I had said yes to them) I began to have that old feeling of failure already, only because I was worried that my experience as compared to some of the others, many who have been working with the expo longer than I have, wouldn't match up. So what could I do?

WORK for one thing but how could I work? Will I just go with the flow or will I add in my own spice?

Well, for the sake of experiencing more with the expo and for the sake of seeing if my writing is all up to snuff, I will do for my experiment....a review.

Wait, a review?

Yes, I am going to let the entire class read and critique one of the assignments/reviews I have to do for the expo. By the time all of this is over, I have no idea how many will be under my belt but for my experiment, I want to see if my fear of not being able to pull my weight as well as my fear of not being COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL enough when it comes to getting people interested in stuff is all in my head.

Considering this will be a review, I will have to post this journal in two parts; the first being this journal with my plans (which I have already laid out), the second being the journal with the actual review on it, and the third with my conclusion. HOPEFULLY, people will read it (or should I just print it out?) and my point will be driven home, but for now, theses are the results that I am looking for;

1. The reader is informed on the series that I am reviewing.
2. The reader is ENTERTAINED by the review I have given them.
3. The reader is interested in reading, watching, and purchasing the series as well as all merchandise tied to it.
4. The reader actually READ what I had to write in the first place and doesn't just ignore it.


My hypothesis is rather unclear at this time but if I were to guess ANYTHING, its that people will comment on whether or not they found what I did informative or not and they were interested not only in the article and the series but also going to the expo as well.

These are things I hope I can get through with an experiment like this and if I can do this.....hell, maybe I can try the same thing with some of my other writing that no one seems to give a shit about. :|

Get ready for part two because here it comes....

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