Monday, April 9, 2012

And finally, a real conclusion...

So its been two weeks since I posted my fear assignment when I realised that I could have used something but....but then I realized that would have been WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too personal to share so in the end I am glad I did the entire 'I'm scared of posting this review thing!' idea I had.

Just to let you know, someone commented on it...but it was the only comment on. Nonetheless, there was some disccusion, yada-yada, but we did concluded that entire 'guy gets his head cut off on a roller coaster' thing was the most fucked up and BEST way to get readers into your series.

Too bad its been like....12 YEARS since that and the series is still going on. No shit, I have 40 VOLUMES of this crap in my room right now and the REAL number is 60. I am BEGGING that this man ends this crap because I can't take it anymore! ;3;

But anyway, there is still three final things to do to conclude this project and that is...ANSWERING MORE QUESTIONS! OF COURSE!

Discuss the experience/presentation from class which you responded to most strongly, be it yours or someone else's. 

  1.    What was it and who did it?
Drawing on a person of course! Okay, this is horrible on my part but I felt that of all the presontations that I saw, this really was the one I responded to the most, if only to draw stupid crap on this poor girl. Okay, it wasn't stupid but let's say she had some guts to allow someone to draw on her.

Wait, not someONE. EVERYONE.

I don't know but there just has to be something said about a fear presentation in which someone actually allows others to WRITE ON THEM.

    2.    Why did you respond to it so strongly?
As I explained, mostly because of how we were given PERMISSION to basically make a human sketch pad and encouraged to do so. Also, I just wanted to see if I could make something that looked cute as well.

    3.    How does it impact how you see your own project?
Well, it made me realize that I could have done something other than a text project when I'm sure no one even read (yeah, Goggle alerts me to that so I know people haven't been paying attention to this shit.) All in all, though my project was different there was that same sense of getting your fears out of the way and seeing that it isn't as bad as you think. Granted, I only had to read something in front of people, not have others draw on me.

Pfft, I think my fear project was small potatoes compared to others but considering I lead an almost brain-numbingly uneventful life, it makes sense that my fear is stupid anyway.

I have to say that another fear I had is over though and that was the fear of not being able to complete this assignment. 


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  1. I usually read everyone's blogs, fyi ;) Keep up the good work!