Friday, April 27, 2012

Garbage in, Garbage Out

So we had to bring in some trash to class and see if we could make art from it. Sound easy enough....or is it?

Well, let's just say that everything began NORMAL.

So after we were out into groups, we had to decide what to do with our trash. For the most part, we chose things that looked cool; an old pot, a pizza book, some old computer parts and so on. With THESE things, we were supposed to come up with something unique and new, much like how trash was turned into art in the film that we saw.

So...what can we do with said parts?


1. Mercilessly destroy the keyboard! (hardcore guitar riff in the background)
I mean, take the thing and just break it like there is no tomorrow. If there were such a thing as PETE (People for the Ethical Treatment of Electronics) they would have been on our asses in a second. Keys were flying everywhere, the entire thing cracked. By the time it was over and everyone had more or less stripped the entire thing, you would have gone' Keyboard? This was a keyboard?'

2. Take said parts from the broken keyboard and then try to put them back together.
Eh...yeah, this didn't work so well.

3. Construct a modem from a pizza box.
Remember back in the day when laptops were HUGE. What the fuck am I talking about, they're STILL huge. Bad example but imagine a keyboard the SIZE of a pizza box...and it could do EVERYTHING that even the most powerful computers on this planet could do and MORE!

Wait, why am I getting your hopes up? That could NEVER happen....

3. Need a screen? USE A LISENCE PLATE!
Now in 3,000 colors and a cool HOLOGRAPHIC image when you move your head back and forth!

4. A cardboard box from a generic brand of cereal makes for a wonderful earth-friendly monitor!
Except when that earth-friendly stuff doesn't fit into the damn computer. Um, how is a laptop supposed to work when the screen is smaller than the keypad? Um...hello? Anyone?

Add this together and you get one...weird looking device...or something.


Getting all the randomness out of the way, there was a lesson in this and that was working on your toes. We were given all this trash but no real clue as to what to do with it. In life and in your career, you meet head on into things like this sometimes where the only thing you have IS your wits as well as your imagination.

For the last portion of my KIB project with Team Building I felt this way; so I have to make a poster....but I have no real idea HOW to. I think I suck at anything that's related to Adobe but I KNOW I have to use it. Its what my degree is going for and damn it, even if Adobe crashes every time my fingers go within an inch of the mouse, I couldn't let it beat me! So I took the info I was thrown, came up with some ideas...and with some help from Beth and my team members, I was able to create something from nothing and/or tidbits of stuff.

And this was the final result.

So if there is anything I picked up from the trash lesson, its can create things out of random stuff, even if you think its useless. Granted, that stuff you make might not be able to FUNCTION perfectly, but you CAN make something.

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