Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trade Secrets....

Because I didn't think either of these things were good enough, so I decided to upload BOTH.

For the first secret...did I even spell that right? I'm so freaking tired I can barely concentrate on one thing...we have this confession of HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIR. If there is one style that I have been bombarded with over the past few weeks...months...days...its THIS. I don't even know if this crap has a specific name or whatever but damn it...I love it, I want it, but I can't have it for...VARIOUS reasons, reasons that shall remane with me since they are a little too personal but yes....I wish I had a hair cut like this.

Also, why YEEEES there is a picture of a humanized Rainbowdash in this picture somewhere. I've been seeing people draw her with the EXACT same style that I want that its been driving me insane. Furgh, maybe this should be a finals present to myself but at this point...I don't know.

And now for the second secret....I CAN NOT SPELL!

No, that's not it. Its THIS;
Why can't I just fucking go here? Its not even THAT far from Indy but no. Every time I get a chance to go there, something comes up to rip that chance away from me and, as expected, I HAAAAAAAAAAAATE it. HATE it SOOOOO much. I want to go to New York City to badly that I often worry that if I ever do get a chance to go, it will be too late or some other bullshit. The project I am working on for Capstone is SET in New York City and I can't even go. How fucking sad is that? Its gotten to a point where I would possibly allow myself to be thrown in a duffle bag and sit in a van and endure the trip up there just to see the sights. THAT'S how DESPERATE I am to at least get away and go somewhere I want to go to so badly. see something new.

So yes, New York and new hair...I think this is pretty small compared to what a lot of people might share. :I

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