Monday, January 23, 2012

Bear in a Jar! Bear in a Jar! Its a Bear in a Jar!

My bead assignment....FINALLY DONE!



Well, for those of you who are going to be in class later, I'm sure you'll get a better view but for the time being, this is what you'll have to deal with. See, this is why I should have used my ol' HP camera. The photos it takes are WAY better than this even if that thing is nearing 12 years old. Man, I love that thing but its kinda clunky and my laptop doesn't have a port for the card.

Getting back on track, this was my Seeing Sideways assignment. Something stupid  and small but it did make use of the bead that Beth gave us! I can only hope that its not as stupid as it seems but only time will tell, eh?

I will updates wit da news once I get everything together and turn this thing in.

How this thing came into being;

Originally, I was going to use my bead as some sort of weird balance thing using ice and string but considering that class is at three, it would have been too late to attempt the trick since...

ice+time+heat+no freezer= FAIL. EPIC FAIL.

So I was scratching my brain for new ideas. As I was sitting in my bed recovering from the pains of having my teeth taken out and looping out from the meds, I was thinking 'Oh shit....snow globes. Those things are so fucking awesome....'

And then it hit me.


But wait, what would the point be? If I just put the bead in a jar of water, that would be...a cop-out. I needed more. Considering I was in too much pain to go out and but specific things, I knew I had to make due with what I had at home and being the pack-rat that I am, I had plenty and an idea came to me.

Something small and cute + bead + glitter= DAW.

The problem was finding something small enough to fit within the jar I found. Most of the figures were the correct height...just not the correct WIDTH. Some thing were too wide which prevented me from screwing the cap on correctly. Running out of ideas, I looked over to my bedside and realized that I had an entire plethora of items to use...


Yes...I am a nerd.

Looking through my collection, I found the PERFECT figure to go into the globe; a small, chubby hamster who was the right size as well as posed the right way to hold the bead as if it were some sort of magical orb. After gathering up my supplies and my brain which by this time was so loopy I was SHAKING, I began to work.

Adhesive? Check.
Hamster? Check.
Bead? Check.
Jar? Check.

A little too much but CHECK.

And the hamster in the orb was, made!

Again, I went a TAD overboard with the glitter but the plus side of that is that it actually TINTED THE WATER which I did not expect it to do. If I had known that was going to happen, I would have opted for the blue glitter which would have given the water a more appropirate tint....but nonetheless, we have ourselves one of the oddest things I have ever made. I sacrificed one of my fave erasers for this but it was worth it.

I hope it was worth it. :P

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