Monday, January 16, 2012

Working with Table and Chairs...because I forgot.

I'm too lazy to make an edit? Shame on me.

How did the team building work for last week? Well, let's just say that I really hope I don't get maimed in the course of the class considering the 'building' we had to do.

I had no idea what to do. Spontantous things, at least when working with a large group of people who know what to do while I DON'T, doesn't work for me. Most of the time I was wondering that in the world to do and I felt more like a chicken going around with nothing better to do. I just needed guidance and didn't want to fuck up anything which I feel I often do.

Anyway, with all that gushing out of the way, here were the other things I forgot to mention in my previous post;


*What is a group?*

A group is a collection of people who may or may not be tasked with completing a job, assignment. I say MAY simply because not all groups are composed souly based on getting 'work' done. A social group might not take part in work.

“Why groups?”

Because as people, we find it easier to think and view people based on what groups we put them in as opposed to viewing a person one-on-one. Yes, there are some UNFORTUNATE IMPLICATIONS that can come from this but from a less negative point of view, a teacher can view her students in a group (if she puts them in groups) to see how they work and how to organize them. In a positive way, a group can be used to see who works together in the best way.

*What is a team?*

A collection of people who have been grouped together in a way that plays to their strengths and must work together in order to achieve their goals. There are no random choices or groupings in team since they have to work in a way to ensure that everything functions correctly. 
*What is the difference between a team and a group?*

A group might be;
*made up on the fly and consist of people who do not know each other.
*composed of people who despite being put together have greatly opposing views

A team might be;
*made up of individuals who are often going for the same goal
*made up of people who share similar views and talents
*made up of people who at the time MUST work together to ensure they succeed 

I hate scrapping my brain for things I'm not sure of. *head desk* face hurts.

Now for those who I would work well with~~

I....I do not know and I hate doing things like this because I find it kind of invasive. Oh yeah, the chick who writes 'OH GOD THIS SHIT SUCKS! #$UTHJEITH' all of her blog doesn't like to pick people out? 

Well, no. I DON'T, especially when reading the blogs I can't get a reading on ANYONE. Its like asking someone to tell you the taste of something based on looking at the PICTURE of the food instead of actually eating it; I have to actually work with these people to finally make up my mind on who I feel comfortable working with.

And 'sides, it doesn't seem like anyone wants to work with me anyway. Gee, I wonder WHY? :P

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