Monday, January 16, 2012

Tales of the Terrible Teeth

What's worse than having a broken two due to something that happened which will remain at this time to myself?

Having TWO broken teeth.

*Sigh* All I can say is that this weekend has been a nightmare but I should be thankful for what injuries I have, I am not in as much pain as I SHOULD be. Fascinating isn't it? If my situation with the my teeth were not bad enough, so is finding a place where I can have them extracted. Problem is, I found a place but now situations at home will probably delay that appointment to find something that is more 'affordable' or in my case, an office that will actually do the job as appointed and not have me come in, wait a week, and THEN have my teeth repaired. This has been one major headache, no pun intended, but I hope to get this fixed by the end of the week simply because I really do refuse to wait any longer; not for the dentist and not for my mother who is also giving me a headache about waiting or then making me change crap just AFTER I had them scheduled. I might have to postpone an appointment again because of this crap which doesn't help considering I'm really sick of getting yelled at, making an appointment like I was supposed to, then being told to cancel it AFTER I made the appointment and then getting yelled at for getting annoyed for having to call people back four or five times just because someone else is getting frantic.

The teeth are in my head, I have to pay with MY money and I have to sit in the chair and deal with the pain. I think I at least have SOME word in this, especially since I had found the perfect day that didn't interfere with school THAT much....but oh no, I have to call again and again and again either because the first place was too expensive or the other place was too far or the other place was too weird or because there might be a blizzard on that day or...


I think having the teeth pulled will be less painful than scheduling the appointment. :|

I just want this all done and taken care of for the sake of getting the teeth out, my mouth finally free of any annoyances and just to get everyone to SHUT. UP. Its bad enough we couldn't get things fixed on the DAY OF, but when I can't even make a decent appointment based on stupid shit, I might as well take them out myself.


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