Monday, January 9, 2012

Looking two ways at once since 1986~!

The primary usage for this blog is for class....yes, CLASS.

Let's see how long this thing survives once the semester is over.

Have I tried making blogs before? Yes. Have the failed? YES. I guess I'm just not the blogging type, mainly because I feel that as someone who leads such a pathetically boring life, there really is no reason to create a digital archive of crap that no one really cares about. I mean, I have a Facebook, a deviantART account, and a Tumblr which is SLOWLY growing; isn't that enough? Who knows. Hopefully this semester will cause me to get off my lazy, self-pitying butt and actually do something for a change.

This class, Seeing Sideways, seems interesting enough and it has to be considering that it took me about two semesters to finally get into this thing. Even from the way Beth (our instructor) described it had me going 'What....'


But I think the biggest reason I was feeling that was the combination of;

a) Lack of sleep
b) Worrying about another class WHICH by the way I just found out was CANCELLED (Thanks Onestart for NOT! telling me until the day OF)
c) My personal 'FFFFFF!' rage at Ebay at the moment concerning a certain series of figures that I just got into and bidding wars.

See, I have a lot of stupid shit on my mind, and only about 45% of it is what it should be on. The rest just wants to pass out in bed and do other stupid shit that frankly, no one cares about. If I somehow was able to make a clone of myself, my other self wouldn't be interested. :|

But no...getting back on track. CLASS. CLAAAASS....

I have a bead, something I know I'm probably going to lose, and I have to do something with it. Like the spaztic person I am, I could only think of stupid things but hey, maybe one of those STUPID things will work. I need sleep....sleep might allow my brain to rest so I can actually think correctly for a change.

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