Sunday, February 26, 2012

1 hour of my time...

And I think I used it to get further along something I should have never put off.

Oh who am I kidding, I always put things off...but as far as creativity and trying to further it goes, allow me to present to you....


For those that don't know what Munnies are, I'll give you a short history; Munnies are a product of Kid Robot and are more or less blank, vinly figures that you can customize into whatever the hell you want. The first in this line were Dunnies, little rabbit figures what a lot of popular artist would make designs for and then sell them but these don't come in blanks but you can fine blanks that have been stripped of their paint which can be used for personal customization. Munnies were made in response to people wanting their own blanks and like Dunnies have an animal design to them, in this case the Munny looks like a monkey with a little nub tail. Over the years, other animals have been added such as Trikkey, a cat, Raffy, a giraff and other animals that resemble hippos, a snake/slug with arms, a crocodile and of late a rat/mouse with spiked hair. Munnies themselves come in three size; minis which are about four inches tall, standard which are about 7 inches tall and the GIANT Munny which is 18 inches tall. I've worked with Munnies before but I usually don't display them that often but since the introduction of many of the new characters, there were some opportunities for me to make Munny figures of my characters.

Now, had I gone the MINI Munny route, all of them would have been the same size; this would have been cool but it defeated the purpose since some of my characters are really big. When I found out that stores were now carrying the standard size Munnies, I hoped on the chance to make some of my larger characters and for the first test, I wanted to do Kahuna but Kahuna is nothing without his wife Saimon so along with the standard, I bought a Mini so I could make a figure of her as well. This is still being worked on but for the time being I thought I would paint and finish drawing the basic outlines for Kahuna's designs. I should be happy though, I finally finished the head and while looking back, I SHOULD have drawn his hair a little better, I think this is a good start. The thing I know will bring me the biggest headache are his horns and tail.

Oh, didn't I mention that? Like the sticker of the tiger I showed off last week, Huni here is part of my story arch that involves characters that are based off the Chinese zodiac. Huni is the ram of the series so yeah...he has big twisting horns and from this point, I think CLAY would be the best way to do it. The only thing that SUCKS is the fact that even though it looks cool....Kahuna is like more than 8 feet tall and big and bulky with a tiny head! Munnies have HUGE-ASS heads and these weird bodies so it takes away Kahuna's crushing, muscular huggablness!

But still, it looks like its coming out pretty well nonetheless.

Making the other characters would be a possiblity...if I could do it. I already ebayed for some Dunny figures which means I can finally do Weegii (the hare) and I can easily do Rufus (dog), Gelly (tiger), and Bug (cat) with Trikky. Rye (rat) and Sonny (rooster) can be done with both a Foomi or a Munny and the rest could be done with Munnies as well. But the one character...THE ONE CHARACTER I needed the slug figure for I can't even do anymore! Serpentine, the freaking SNAKE, needed the Rooz figure and it looks like they don't even make it anymore!

Say it with me now...


Well, there is ebay. Sigh, even though its nice that there is always ebay....its a little sad too. Especially when they jack-up the price with shipping. God, I hate shipping prices.

So for your are the Kahuna pictures. See him in his half-colored glory!

Front view

Side View
Saimon's lip mark that will make sense once I finish the Sai figure

Side View again
Just a shot to see his chubby cheeks

Back View
Yeah, I should have sketched the front of his hair better which would make the need for his pony tail make a lot more sense. And yes, I wanted it PINK. I was going to go with red since that is a bit more masculine but then I remembered the thing is made from a piece of Sai's shirt...which WASN'T red. It was PINK. Later on,  he gets a tie that's a darker shade but the first once Sai used was this color...but being the ram/man he is, he wasn't embarrassed by the color. No, more like;
*passes out*

Budy view with the head attached
You can't see the design on the shirt but its supposed to be a closed fist, sort of a symbol to his giant fist which he usually uses to plow people into the ground. Oh who am I kidding? Kahuna's just FLUFF.
I tried to take a picture of his back which has a Samoan flag on the back but it wasn't coming out too well so I had to leave that out. Besides, without the star, its just a BOX.

Another full body shot, standing on its own

Yeah...I still have a lot to do...:|

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