Monday, February 20, 2012

Homework and other crap.

I am just going to say this before I start my homework for the night;


I know that's a weird thing to say but the reason I am saying it hear and now is because I have just gotten away from two of the biggest mother fucking assholes I have ever SEEN in my life and a discussion about animated characters. Any of my teachers reading this know the path I am on or the path I am trying to get on; character design, comics, animation, whatever. You know something that really pisses me off? Someone asshole telling me that just because I have a collection of stories that feature people of color, its being too PC and that would be 'frustrating'.


You want to know what's frustrating? Being told that you can never be pretty because you're skin is too dark. Being told that you can not be creative just because you're black. Being told that no one is interested in your stories because you're black.

And the sad part is, this all had to do with a show that is already on and has no fucking human characters but all of a sudden, to draw them human is to draw them wrong....IF THEY'RE BLACK OR ANY OTHER PERSON OF COLOR THAT IS.

Fuck you. Really, FUCK YOU HARD. I don't care if I'm 'mean' to you; what you said was HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. And you expect me to feel sorry for you? That isn't happening, especially when you consider the skin I'm in, the skin that frustrates everyone, as PC and unnecessary.

This is why I should stop being emo to myself and get my work out. If people are that fucking afraid of seeing black characters than BOOGY BOOGY BOOGY, I'M GONNA SHOVE THEM IN YOUR FACE ASSHOLE and take that shit because I had to take the notion of having so few female characters of color to enjoy for the past 26 years of my life. A few seasons of seeing black character portrayed as human beings isn't going to hurt you and if it does, boo-fucking-hoo, that is your problem you close-minded asshole.



What was for homework again?

Right...Seeing Sideways...

What I got out of class is that I shouldn't be so hesitant sometimes when it comes to creating things for assignments. I don't know why, but seeing how the class is becoming more used to each other, I do feel the need to share more things but there is always going to be that tiny part of me that will go 'DON'T DO IT! WHAT YOU'RE ABOUT TO SAY SOUNDS STUPID!!'


I should get rid of that voice.

If there is anything else that can be said, at least I know I can't get any weirder than the instructor! I'm in the clear! 8D

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