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Tigers Tigers Why Tigers


I have to do a blog about TIGERS?

Oh I have created something based on tigers...but that thing based on tigers expands beyond that so perhaps my thing that is based on tigers can be called something based on tigers that is based on something larger. I don't know but for the sake of getting more of my crap seen, I'm going to introduce you to Gelato;

She is part of a group I would like to call...the Rebels.

Yes, that's SO ingenious!

No, that is not the full name of the team but she is a member of it. You see, Gelly belongs to a SPECIAL project of mine that I want to do for my capstone...something I've been working on for some time now but I've had no real idea what to do with it. Despite what her animeish-vomit colors are telling you, yes. SHE IS A TIGER and the Chinese symbol on your left indicates that she is. The theme of the series in which she comes from is based on the Chinese zodiac and as you can guess, there are 13 other DELIGHTFUL characters she is friends with.


There are 12 animals in the did I come up with 13?

Don't ask, there are more but there is a reason why there is 14-NOW WAIT A MINUET! D8<

Considering that I didn't want Gelato, or any of the other characters, to be based 100% on the personalities linked to them according to the zodiac line, I came up with idea to take SIX of the most common personality types associated with each sign and make them into something more unique to that character. For instance, Lily, the cow of the group, is SUPPOSED to be hot-headed and stubborn according to the zodiac but I turned it around, making her overly cheery and her 'stubbornness' is based more on the fact that she doesn't know that NO means 'FUCK YOU I SAID NO!' when she keeps annoying people to cheer up. So she's stubborn in her NICENESS rather than being an asshole. Gelly....oh god...well, tigers, especially FEMALE tigers are known for their fiery nature, coldness, and drive.

Yeah, I said that here on a school blog.

Now how do I turn THAT on its head?

Well....I kept all but the second, turning her ice-queen personality she is supposed to have into a POWER. Yes, Gelly's powers are that of controlling ice and snow, so she is a literal ICE-QUEEN.


Yeah, this explains the blue colors.

As for the other personality traits, I tweaked them to the point where she sometimes comes off more goofy than anything else; she's not an airhead but she is flighty and can let certain things grab her attention TOO much. Think of her as that one friend who is always touching and hugging you without your permission but you're too nice to tell her no. Also, she's obsessed with styling people's hair and eating meat.


I'm a tiger and I'm glad that I'm not like her. I would probably be horrified to know a person like this in-never mind....

As for the picture itself, seeing as the story is set in New York and there is a large Urban art scene in that area, I created a series of stickers featuring all of the characters in the series. Why does Gelly have two? Well, I actually thought I had lost the first version (the one on the right) so I went about and drew another one, only to find that THAT one was actually in a folder with a bunch of other stickers I thought I had lost. Considering my attachment to these stickers, I will mostly likely never use them but it was a fun project nonetheless to work on....which I am still working on since some of them still need to be inked and colored.

God, I hate getting into a slump in the middle of a project.

The gallery with the rest of the stickers can be found here;

Now on to the next phase of this assignment, what a-do about those 50 questions?

Oh god, I actually am a bit embarrassed about this consider the stickers is just ONE step in the project I want to do for my capstone and I'm still embarrassed about the concept and the idea. Geeze, its not like my capstone is a PORNO. Its a pitch I had for a cartoon series I wanted to do; what's so embarrassing about that?

I don't know but I still feel the pit of 'Oh god, what am I doing?' forming when I even talk to anyone outside my immediate friends about this. FFFFFFFFFFFfuuuuu-!

Forget this, I'm going in! Here are the 50 questions for this tiger and possibly anything else related to it.

  1. Why did I chose to use the read stickers for this instead of the green or blue versions?
  2. Why did I use Chinese characters instead of using English to describe the character in the sticker?
  3. Why can we only see part of her face rather than her entire face any other part of her body?
  4. Why did I put the original in a spot where I knew I would lose it?
  5. If I had lost the entire set, would I have redone those as well instead of just redoing the pieces I had lost?
  6. What if you had used Photoshop to create the original image and the print them out using a printer?
  7. What would have happened if you done this and you ran out of toner while printing?
  8. What if people became interested in this set and wanted to see more?
  9. What if any of the other characters from the story were the tiger instead of Gelly?
  10. What animal would Gelly be if she were not a tiger?
  11. What if I had continued my original story based on Western zodiacs instead of Asian zodiacs? (I say Asian because the tale is actually different depending on what countries you go to. In Japan, the story is a little different and in other places, the animals are different such as the rabbit being a cat and the pig being an elephant)
  12. What if I changed the design of Gelly...AGAIN?
  13. What if Gelly was just a normal orange tiger instead of a Siberian tiger?
  14. What if people got offended by Gelly because of the way she behaves?
  15. What if Gelly becomes liked for reasons I DON'T like. :|
  16. What if I'm asked to try this sticker project again?
  17. What if I actually had the nerve to sneak out and post these things around the city?
  18. What if these things actually became well known around urban and street art?
  19. What if I introduced more tigers into the story?
  20. What if I could actually make up my mind about Gelly's backstory and insert more circus things for her like I promised I would when I was reworking the entire idea?
  21. What if I can't think of anything else?
  22. What if I can't use the whole 'circus tiger' thing with Gelly?
  23. What if Gelly was from a Las Vegas show instead of a circus tiger in Italy as she is in the story?
  24. What if I actually get to go to Italy?
  25. What if I discovered that cirucses are not as popular as I thought in that area?
  26. What if I wanted to name Gelly something that is not based on a tasty Italian ice-cream that I wish I was eating right now?
  27. What if I could use the name Gelato for some unknown copyright reason?
  28. What if I could stop scaring myself when I attempt to draw any of these stupid characters and finally do full character sheets like I wanted to.
  29. What if some of the other teachers saw them?
  30. What if my friends and family saw them?
  31. What if I stop my obsession with trying so hard to get things so perfect in this story it winds up making me exhausted in the process?
  32. What if this show actually gets green-lit?
  33. What if this show airs and I can get away with more?
  34. What if I don't the final outcome?
  35. What if I started drawing Gelly and the others more realistically?
  36. What if I stop being interested in tigers?
  37. What if I changed Gelly into a boy?
  38. What if I completely threw out most of the animal elements in the series.
  39. What if I do more with tigers in the show?
  40. What if I just chose the animals at random?
  41. What if the tiger is not part of the random choice?
  42. What if people start to ask me how the hell a tiger can be Italian when they are native to ASIA? (Gelly: Well, my great-great-great-GRANDFATHER who was the first tiger of the circus was from central RUSSIA but we all moved down here when the circus relocated and now-!)
  43. What if I decided to change her tiger species considering there is more than just one type than just TIGER. Plain, vanilla, TIGER.
  44.  What if no one got the joke that her hair is SUPPOSED to look like swirls from a soft-serve icecream machine?
  45. What if everyone notices the jokes I was making about how tiger people are supposed to act according to the Chinese zodiac?
  46. What if they don't?
  47. What if I want to do more with her in art?
  48. What if took a picture of an actual tiger and Photoshopped it so it looked blue like she's supposed to be?
  49. What if Gelly's entire backstory wasn't as happy as I am making it now?
  50. What if Gelly had no love interest at all in the series?
And for a final point!

51. What if all my questions actually made SENSE?

So there ya go...50 questions all based around a stupid tiger I have from a stupid story I am working on from a stupid idea that I made in the form of some STUPID stickers. 

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