Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm a fort woman....

Second post, different than the first...

A few weeks ago, there was a class and in that class, a fort had to be constructed. How did it go?

Well, if you read my first post about it, you already know I basically stood and helped when I could, moving my body out of the way to ensure I wouldn't get crushed by a tower of chairs. I've thought of a lot of crazy stuff in my life but for some reason, chairs fall on me is something that I DON'T want to happen.,,,but as far as team building goes, the experiences was....



It went WELL. Like I said, I just didn't want to get pummeled by falling chairs.

Now on to the next part!


The focus of the task was of course trying to create something with the chairs. At first it was going to be a tower but somehow, fort came to mind but then BOTH where somehow created using both the tables and the chairs. I was just waiting for the moment when either formations fell in on themselves and we would all be expelled for 'student endangerment'

No, I'm kidding....but still didn't want to see anything fall over...


WHAT clarification?

Okay, I'm not trying to be meeeeeeeeeeeeeeean, but perhaps there was no clarification simply because we were making things up on the fly. Unless we're taking about the simple fact that we had to build something from the chairs and desk, I GUESS that counts as a clarification. The actions that lead to those creations though....well, we all saw what happened.

The mouse


The loud-mouth

Well, there were a few who seemed to know more about what they were doing but I can not recall anyone being 'the loud mouth' in that sense

The written record

There were a few times when the idea about stacking chairs DID have to be redone, all for the sake of making sure they didn't fall on anyone....

Feedback (negative)

As far as I can remember, there wasn't that much negativity when the fort and the stack of chairs was being constructed.

Feedback (positive)

Yes, there as plenty of praise...and lots of  'HEY, WOULDN'T IT BE A GREAT IDEA IF WE CLIMBED THIS THING?!' 8D

Handling failure

There were a few doubts about how certain formations would result in the chairs actually standing up correctly but when faced with this, the group would try a different solution to make the plan work.

Handling deadlock

A common ground was made when everyone finally figured out how to stack the chairs TO PREVENT THEM FROM FALLI....you get the point.

Sign posting

I guess the delightful cheers of everyone once the project was finished counts as this.

Avoid single solutions

And YES, this is OBVIOUS. Some of the original ideas for the chair stack as well as the fort would have never had worked, mostly due how the objects themselves were either too heavy or their shape prevented us from doing what we originally planned with them. I keep mentioning the chairs, mainly because of the way they are built. Though you CAN stack many atop each other, once you hit a certain number, this no longer becomes possible. After a number of perhaps five or six is reached, the chairs actually begin to face FORWARD a bit and the more they are stacked, the more and more then lean out which forces the weight to the front and without any bottom support to carry this weight, BOOM. CRASH. Down it comes.

How did we fix this? 

By creating another tower of chairs that was of equal height to support the other so they would actually stand correctly. In the end, THIS solution was the one that worked.

Active communication

Well, we were pretty excited to get the chairs up but I think everyone was more excited to get the task completed....SO WE COULD BASK IN THE GLORY OF OUR CREATIONS! MWAHAHAH!

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