Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BLAAAAAAARFing up Information....

What a pretty, PRETTY title.

So yeah, last week we had some problems with our 'group interviews' only because there was more talk about what we liked and less about how we could work together to kick off this KIB project of ours.

See children, this is why speed dating SUCKS...or the concept built around it.

1. Why did class devolve into chaos???
It desolved into chaos?! I didn't see that at all! Honestly though, I think there was a little snag in the discussion but it came from two things. One, how we were interacting with each other. Given that we only had like a minuet or so, this really didn't give a lot of leyway for discussing ourselves AND the project. This is why speed-dating is shit; its not REAL interaction. Its just like reading a crappily done summary of a movie that someone copied and pasted from another source. It doesn't tell you anything and often times it leave you with tons of infromatiom missing because of how severly short it is. Two, perhaps we were thinking too deeply about how our own skills could benifit the project without knowing that much about the project. I know we still need to get info from this organization but come on; stuff like target audience info and other easy things should have been given from day one and...

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFuck, there I go again getting rage since something similar happened to me not too long ago but based on an entirly different and more stupid matter.What could you have done to keep that from happening?

2. What could you have done to keep that from happening?
Like I said, we needed more time to interact than 2 minuets. Perhaps a more involved group setting would have been the trick rather than some speed-dating type bullshit.

Okay, I will lay off speed-dating but still!

Regurgitating ideas you have read is all well and good, but if you cannot apply them, then what is the point?

Yeah, there is no point but people do it because its an easy fix and lessens the work load they have to do. One suggestion I would make is applying some 'Seeing Sideways' tactics into it; ask a person to really express how they feel and look into the matter so they can get a better understanding of the idea and what they got from it. If they didn't get anything from it or felt differently about the subject in question, its still a good idea to ask why, at least to find out what can be done to find some sort of common ground or something.

4. What can you do to be more mindful of your team buidling decisions and how to actually implement the techniques we have been learning all semester?Well for one thing, knowing more about the project at hand works as not to cause distraction. If one has no idea what skills to apply or where to bring them up, everyone is left lost in the situation. What do we do? Where do we go?

5. Is always sticking with people you already know the best solution to forming a good team? Working with people you already know may be human nature and the easiest way to make sure you get a good grade on a project, but remember that you are being assessed in this course not only on the product you create but how you work with your team and apply the techniques we have been covering in class... Unlike other classes, the product in this class is secondary to the process of creating the product.Not really, especially since this can lead to a team having too many of one skill-set and too little of another which can lead to a rather bad imbalance of ideas and duties. Even though its FUN to work with people who have the same ideals and hobbies, its always important to look beyond that so you can see and meet other people who will strengthen your team. This way things are able to work and flow together and even if there are bumps along the way, there will always be that support there to iron out the problems and get everything back on track.

6. What did you learn about yourself and team building as a result of what happened in class today?I learned that I hate spee-You get the point. 

No, I learned that I need to be a little bit more open but as I keep saying, I really can't learn that much about myself or anyone else when I don't have that much time to actually talk and get to know them. 

7.How should the potential conflict that could erupt based on discussion todayt be handled in a way that allows for the best teams and personal satisfaction for all people?
I'm not good with solving conflicts considering I get...loud, but I think that if the group does have a few calm heads in the bunch, some action can be taken to calm things down and get things back into order.

8.Instead of just backing down and saying, "Whatever..." what might be a better way to incorporate and include all ideas and styles?
By listening of course! It sounds simple but listen does work wonders since it gives people a chance to bounce ideas off of each other. Doing things like this seem to solve problems a lot better than just simply saying whatever but seems like we live in 'whatever' times since that's what EVERYONE seems to be doing!

Pst, whatever.

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