Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So yes....we flew kites.

I'm pretty sure most of you are wondering why I haven't said anything totally off the wall yet but to be honest, I can't say anything random because it was just FUN.


It was COLD but it was FUN!

The kite project was of course something simple; the class was split into pairs and were required to come up with a kite design that DIDN'T crash and burn to the ground like a flaming lead balloon. Thankfully, my partner and I were able to come up with something quick and easy and the result?




Yes our sled-kite, which had to be down-sized due since we didn't have enough wrapping paper (I SHOULD have brought in the roll I had bought but I was thinking 'Nah, I'm sure my partner will have the perfect paper. I don't want to look stupid and bring in this roll of strawberry print crap!', actually FLEW and it was WONDERFUL.

But still, very cold.

I hates teh coldz. :|

Urgh, at least THAT was nice. The next thing I have to get prepared for is my final dental follow up. Say it with me people; PLEASE GUM-LINE! HEAL! HEAL! HEAAAAAAL! Don't turn into a PIT in my mouth and please random filling that I swallowed like nine years ago, don't prove to be a breeding ground to something else.

Fuck, at least I have the money to do this now. I'd rather have everything done NOW than wait, and wait, and WAIT while suffering through painful agony just because the only appointments I could make were on days I have class. I know I used up my three strikes ALREADY but at least now, I can actually SIT in class and not worry about my head fucking hurting and being miserable until Spring break were I would only have a WEEK to get everything done. MOVE THIS SHIT OUT OF THE WAY.

But back to kites....yes....I have SO many instructions on how to make kites now and to tell you the truth....I don't think I'll EVER buy a store bought kite again. Yeah, I know that sounds weird but why do it? Why PAY for some crappy kite when you know you can make one yourself? I have the instructions, I have the curiosity, and I have the sudden want to draw some designs on kites.

Yeah! Yeah! I should totally makes some kites for spring or something!

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